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Contacting a yacht on IJsselmeer (Netherlands)

I looked up the GSM coverage map from KPN - the former state telephone company - and virtually all of the IJsselmeer is covered according to that on 4G. Can't tell from experience though but I'd ...
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Easiest way to preserve a fishing catch - with cooking or pickling

SALT Before refrigeration salt was the primary means of preserving fish. As you mention in your question filleting them is a a good first step, they should also be dried to reduce the amount of salt ...
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Where can I find public water tap for cleaning/bathing in the Netherlands?

There is a website which has a map listing all public fountains, some examples of how the fountains look can be found here. But most Dutch people tend to be friendly, so if you ask them if you can "...
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Contacting a yacht on IJsselmeer (Netherlands)

What you are probably looking for is a satellite two way messenger like an inReach or to rent a satellite phone. The two way messenger will allow you to send both text messages and coordinates, and ...
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What diseases can be transmitted through skin contact with a dead rabbit?

To answer the title question, there are a number of diseases you can get from wild rabbits, Zoonotic diseases specifically associated with rabbits include pasteurellosis, ringworm, mycobacteriosis, ...
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Where can I find public water tap for cleaning/bathing in the Netherlands?

About water, I cannot say that much. As long as the water is flowing, mostly it is good, however if there are agriculture lands around the river (which is very often the case), it might be filled with ...
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