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"Official" providers of topographic maps per country

A good collection of digital topographic providers is the source list of Outdooractive, most of which is now integrated into this answer. Europe Austria: The Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (...
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Topo map server out there somewhere?

I personally use several WMS layers (Web Map Service) in GIS software. Many are free to use, some are licenced. Here's a short list that might interest you: CalTopo: has USGS and NRCan scanned topo ...
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Topo map server out there somewhere?

You don't say what area of the world you are looking for maps of, but I see your profile locates you in Alberta. If you were looking for locations in the USA, tiles USGS topo maps ...
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How to explain unexpected success following a bearing taken from an iPad

Let's address what you refer to as "Grid declination". Unfortunately, there are two competing definitions: First, the definition you are conforming to, is that it is the angle from grid north to ...
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What are blue long-dashed lines on a French topo?

On my Cartes IGN map of the Chamonix area, the map key shows the blue lines as "Cross-country or high mountain skiing route". The footpath lines are shown as solid red lines or dashed red ...
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Google Map Hiking Trail

You are looking at a ski resort. The blue and red lines are the slopes. The straight lines are the lifts.
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Where can I find good topographical maps of Peru?

The University of Texas Library has some decent 1:100,000 topo maps of Peru for free download: Sample (Machupicchu):
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Google Map Hiking Trail

My color vision isn't perfect so I'm not completely sure what you're talking about on that map. I see two things on there that you might be talking about: 1) I see several paths with names that ...
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How much vegetation is represented by the green on USGS 7.5 minute topo maps?

According to this USGS pamphlet (last page, bottom right), solid green is "Forest". This link gives us The mesomorphic tree canopy is typically >10% cover and often exceeds 5 m in height (I was ...
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Topo map server out there somewhere?

Norway Norgeskart (location) Sweden Kartsök och Ortsnamn NB: does not provide same view as paper maps. Finland Karttapaikka Switzerland (location) France Carte ...
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Topo map server out there somewhere?

iOS - PocketEarth. About 8-10$, IIRC. It uses OpenStreetMap, and downloads, no charge. Relevant to your question is that you can pay another 8-10$ and unlock the download topo maps for areas that ...
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Topo map server out there somewhere?

For USA: Incredibly complete, and free. Maps are big PDFs (40mb or so). Not quicky navigated but well organized.
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Looking for a Topographical map resource?

While getting U.S.G.S maps are very good... If you are going to a specific park, check their website and search for trail books with organization that support the park such as the "Friends of [park ...
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Where can I find free electronic topographic map that cover the entire West Coast Trail in Canada?

Here are a couple options: This guide is a general preparation and has good resources to save on a phone or something else, like phone numbers and general info, it also has a map, not detailed, but ...
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