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Based on my experience Most of the coldness I experienced while camping came from the ground. My advice is to take an extra ensolite pad with you. Best one of those with those metallic surface on one side. Just place it under your sleeping pad. If size is also a concern, there are some models which can be folded to the size of a DIN A4 sheet. And maybe just ...


I can only speak from my own experience with equipment that I can only qualitatively compare with yours. At the upper end of the range you quote (in the fifties F, 10+ degrees C), you will be warm (unless you are wet). So obviously, it is the lower end of the range that is of concern. We do our backpacking with a three-season tent, with rainfly; your ...


You can actually estimated your hiking distance with Tobler’s hiking function with default parameters ( This means that speed on flat surfaces is estimated to be 5km/h and maximum speed of 6km/h is achieved when going downhill at 2.86 degrees. The platform FATMAP has a great tool that uses this ...

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