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At what temperature does rain become not chilling?

I'd say, very hard to answer as it depends on a lot of factors, especially personal preference (e.g. I get cold if I'm tired or hungry). Other factors would include exposure time, wind, sunny/cloudy, ...
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Best field remedy for small cockroach in the ear

A few drops of baby oil (light nontoxic mineral oil) to suffocate the cockroach, then blunt tweezers or alligator forceps to carefully remove it once dead and motionless, if it is visible and easily ...
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How is 40C at 95% humidity survivable?

Its hard to confirm what the video crew was experiencing but generally speaking wet-bulb temperatures over 35C (approximate lethal limit for humans) are still very rare on this planet. An interesting ...
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At what temperature does rain become not chilling?

I live quite a bit further north than that, and my main complaint about getting caught in the rain is to get wet. Scotland is notorious for having some very wet days. But rain rarely gets cold here as ...
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Best field remedy for small cockroach in the ear

I would follow the advice of the Mayo Clinic. Remove the object if possible. If the object is clearly visible, pliable and can be grasped easily with tweezers, gently remove it. This is somewhat ...
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Is linen a good or bad choice for underwear when (hitch)hiking in hot and/or tropical weather?

I have tailored on and off for many years and am somewhat familiar with the differences in various fabrics. Not all I read on the internet am I inclined to believe about various fabrics, but I would ...
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