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Rainbow trout fishing on a small, deep lake in eastern Ontario

Beautiful area and picturesque lake for boat-in camping. But good luck trying to catch a Rainbow Trout. Three of us camped there for 3 full days a week ago (14,15,16 Sept 2023) and didn't get even a ...
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How to achieve tension in fishing line?

Try a little more weight. Get a Leatherman pliers/knife combination and some weights to test some things. You can obtain pinch-on lead weights that can be quickly attached to your line with your ...
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How far away can one be when tight line nymphing?

Really you are only limited by rod length. This piece covers it a bit. One alternative for fishing those conditions would be to use a striker indicator which might not exactly be tight line nymphing, ...
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How do I get a drag free drift when fly Fishing

Mending Upstream mend Downstream mend Stack mend Presentation Casts Reach cast Don't turn the leader over fully Tuck cast Puddle cast Snake cast Curve cast Gear Thinner leader Longer leader ...

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