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As most of my experience is in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, this answer may be biased towards that location. I typically try to find promising places within the national forest with satellite and topographic maps, then drive to the place to actually scout it out. A promising place would be a clearing or a sandpit, at least a mile ...


The basic idea of turning them off temporarily is to let the birds readjust to their surroundings. For reasons still unknown to science, artificial light attracts birds, from fledgling seabirds to migrating songbirds (it does the same to moths). Once captivated, disoriented birds may crash into windows, or spend hours circling. The 9/11 tribute is ...


Yes and no; As a breeding/home territory robins do not like thick woods. They prefer an open woodland typical of single home suburbs ( in US). They want some open ground for foraging. Goldfinches like similar open woodlands. However , I see the large migrating flocks of robins in the thick forest ( E TX, piney woods).These loose flocks contain many thousands ...


What about Chesapeake Ohio Canal Trail near of Washington DC?

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