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I'm not 100% certain, but they look like a young Rattus genus. They could also be Mus genus (common house mouse) - most of these genera are pretty similar with a pale belly and darker dun dorsum. Young rats superficially look like mice, but have shorter, thicker, and less tapered tails. In both the tail in these is nude (i.e. no long hairs) and is "scaly". ...


If you don't know any places around you that usually host pronghorns, I would suggest search for them in grasslands, brushlands or desert areas around you, since that's where they feed and spend most of their time. Good luck!


I live in the UK and the first time I noticed Robin's nesting was in the top of a down pipe. Unfortunately the heavens opened and we had flash floods. The water filled up and the 6 babies died despite taking them to a rescue centre. I put up 2 Robin nest boxes directly underneath and around. Within 3 days they nested again. Each year I'm really lucky to have ...


Assuming that you are looking for the ideal conditions for a surfable wave to form, I will leave some of the conditions that I take in consideration Wind Direction. The wind direction is essential and ideally look for offshore (wind blowing from the shore). The speed of the wind is related with the size of the wave. The longer the wind blows the larger ...


Without having more info on the specific parameters of the study, it's hard to know exactly what they were looking for. Either water or snowpack characterization might be very likely subjects. I'm wondering if they used black pebbles specifically because they are black, which would suggest their ability to gain heat is important. Or maybe it's not relevant ...


TL;DR: comb your scalp systematically with your fingers, wash your hair to remove them from hair (be careful with laundry carrying ticks home too), and try to catch/prevent them getting into your hair in the first place. Great question. I worked in the woods with long hair under a hard hat, and wow did I accumulate ticks. I'd reliably find >5 per day. I did ...

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