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Bit late to the party, but here goes:  my 1-season sleeping bag turns out insufficient for the spring snow that surprised me at nightfall. Well, that one season the sleeping bag refers to is not spring... What should be done in such conditions? In any case: Eat, preferrably hot food: you need your body to have sufficient fuel to produce heat to keep you ...


You say you had sufficient insulation underneath, but more will always help. I used to spread my towels under my foam sleeping mat when winter car-camping for kayaking (sub-zero overnight). It didn't matter that they were damp, under a closed-cell mat (though that discouraged me from using them as blankets), and they certainly added to the insulation. ...


You ought to bring an emergency blanket with you, they’re tiny and very lightweight and will increase your temperature significantly. You do get wet with them though, and they are an emergency solution. For me it was a lifesaver when I was unprepared in the Simien mountains where it freezes as night and the other gear was absolutely not sufficient.

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