A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions that deal with "urban exploration", i.e. visiting and exploring areas that have been created by humans but are abandoned and left on their own now.
3 questions
Questions about protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation which causes both sunburns and snow blindness
32 questions
0 questions
Questions about the via-ferrata stylle of climbing
9 questions
Questions about vibram five fingers minimal shoes
5 questions
Questions about taking videos in the outdoors
2 questions
A v-thread (sometimes called an Abalakov thread) is a technique used in ice climbing to produce a disposable anchor when abseiling off an ice flow (as opposed to leaving some protection, such as an ic…
2 questions
Questions about walking through water, usually while practicing sports such as fishing.
2 questions
Questions typically related to walking outdoors shall be tagged with this tag.
72 questions
0 questions
7 questions
Applicable if water is relevant to the question and none of the more specific tags concerning water are applicable.
56 questions
Questions about water bottles
12 questions
Questions about waterfalls
8 questions
Questions about clothing that is in some way waterproof.
29 questions
Speaking of Waterproofing in scope of TGO would mean packing, wrapping the things in order to isolate them from water and other fluids.
41 questions
Questions about making the water found outdoors safe for drinking.
71 questions
Questions about water shoes
5 questions
Water sports are sports and leisure activities for which water is a major part, usually played on the water itself.
32 questions
Questions referring to the current atmospheric state of a place, usually temperature, precipitation, wind speeds, etc
70 questions
Used when refereed to Western Mountain ranges or Sahyadri Mountains
4 questions
for questions regarding the dealing with of wet gear, such as clothing, boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, and other items that are normally used in outdoor pursuits. This tag should not be…
5 questions
8 questions
Questions about whistles
5 questions
Questions about whitewater-rafting
10 questions
Questions related to camping or staying overnight in the wilderness.
117 questions
Questions related to regions that generally appear to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of man's work substantially unnoticeable.
57 questions
Questions about dealing with wind in the outdoors
16 questions
Questions about windsurfing
8 questions
The cold season - depending on the climate this can be simply mild to posing life threatening conditions, and especially in the latter case preparation is essential.
126 questions
Camping questions which are specific to the winter season or camping in low temperatures, as winter may not always be cold in every geographical location.
34 questions
Questions about climbing in winter
4 questions
Questions about walking in winter conditions
16 questions
Wolves, ancestors of the dogs. Loved and hated, an encounter in nature is possible.
14 questions
Questions specific to women
5 questions
Questions about things made out of wood
6 questions