A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

B2 graded boots are winter mountaineering boots. They typically have a stiffer sole than normal walking/trekking boots, are more insulated for use in snow/winter and are designed to take a crampon
4 questions
Hiking or backpacking away from general amenities and establish campsites
63 questions
0 questions
Questions related to backpacking equipment, routes, safety concerns, or issues related to traveling on foot while carrying all of one's equipment (such as accessibility of certain regions to foot tra…
345 questions
Anything on backpacks, as a piece of equipment, its maintenance, modifications and tricks.
112 questions
Questions about badgers
1 question
Questions involving food that is used to attract fish and entice them to take the hook when fishing should have this tag.
15 questions
Questions about bald eagles
2 questions
Questions about practicing outdoor activities without shoes.
6 questions
Questions about bats
5 questions
Questions referring to beaches.
33 questions
0 questions
Usually a Lightweight-nylon made-stuff sack used to keep things, specifically food items and anything that can have a strong odor and can attract a bear. Any foods or even water bottles that have cont…
11 questions
Questions about bear bangers
2 questions
Questions about bears
97 questions
Questions about bear spray and its uses
6 questions
For questions regarding bees, of any species.
16 questions
Belaying is the process of holding the end of a climbing rope to catch a climber should they fall. A belay is the stance used when belaying. Belaying requires techniques and equipment to feed (or take…
64 questions
Questions about big wall climbing like Half Dome or El Capitan
6 questions
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Bear in mind that there is a cycling stack exchange site dedicated to this subject (http://bicycles.stackexchange.com/). This tag should only be used for outdoor related question that are not wholly a…
13 questions
Questions concerning outdoor activities that include the use of a bicycle.
23 questions
Questions about binoculars
8 questions
Questions about bird baths
4 questions
Questions relating to specific or unusual behaviour shown in birds.
73 questions
Questions referencing the feeding of birds.
35 questions
Questions about identifying birds. Please use a descriptive title. Repeat the description in the question and include as many details as possible. Geographic location is very important, as is environm…
34 questions
Egg laying, two legged, warm blooded, vertebrates with feathers. Use this tag to ask questions about our feathered friends.
146 questions
Questions referencing the practice of observing birds in their natural habitat as a hobby. Use this tag for questions asking for help on the practice of bird watching.
52 questions
Questions about bison
3 questions
Questions about avoiding a bite, first aid in case of a bite (kindly use the [first-aid] tag along with this), etc should be tagged with this tag.
8 questions
1 question
Questions about bivouacs or camping with bivy sacks
17 questions
Questions about bivy sacks
2 questions
Questions about black bears
21 questions
Questions about preventing, treating, and coping with blisters.
18 questions
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