A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions relating to the BMC or British Mountaineering Council
1 question
Questions about boars (basically wild pigs)
11 questions
Questions related to anchors used for all types of boats and watercraft.
5 questions
Questions referring to the use or care of boats
105 questions
Questions about bobcats
4 questions
Questions about bogshoeing
1 question
2 questions
Appropriate for all questions strongly related to book knowledge like specific recommendations.
16 questions
for questions about boots (not shoes) used for outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, climbing, fishing etc. It can be anything related to maintenance, correct use or their access…
108 questions
0 questions
Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat) so that a fall will not result in serious injuries…
64 questions
2 questions
Bow hunting is the sport of hunting game animals and birds with the help or bows and arrows. Bow hunters are further classified into two broad categories....traditional bow hunters and compound bow hu…
34 questions
Questions about bowline knots
9 questions
Questions referencing the use of a bow, this being a weapon often used in target shooting.
15 questions
Questions about brown bears
4 questions
Questions about identifying bugs or insects. Please describe it in the title. Post at least one picture and add detailed physical characteristics in the question. Geographic location is important, as …
53 questions
All types of creepy crawlies which bite, agitate, or fascinate those enjoying the great outdoors.
103 questions
2 questions
0 questions
Questions specific to California.
44 questions
For questions regarding the use of camera equipment outdoors
4 questions
A camming device is a form or protection used in rock climbing. They are sometimes called SLCD, cam or friend. Camming devices were first invented by Vitaly Abalakov and work on the principle of a Log…
5 questions
Questions about cooking over a campfire
15 questions
Questions discussing camping as an activity, equipment and skills that can make camping safer and more enjoyable, possible campsites and related legal and security issues for a specific region should …
365 questions
Questions only specific about the region that comes under Canada, and question related to Laws and Legalities, weather, seasons, etc (relating to any outdoor activity) shall be tagged under this tag.
58 questions
Questions about canister stoves
22 questions
0 questions
Questions related to maintenance, safety in regards with Canoes shall be tagged with this tag.
60 questions
Questions about things made out of canvas like tents or bags
10 questions
0 questions
Questions about canyoning
13 questions
Questions on the selection and use of carabiners, either as part of a safety system or simply to attach gear. Also spelt "karabiner".
22 questions
Questions referring to camping where you are close to or next to your car, common examples would be camp-sites with set pitching and parking.
28 questions
Questions involving how to cast using a fishing rod and line should use this tag. Casting is the act of propelling your bait, lure, fly through the air towards where fish are. It can become a sport in…
4 questions
For questions regarding caterpillars. The larval forms of butterflies and moths.
6 questions
1 2
4 5