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What are the primary considerations when trekking across the Olympic National Park, Greece including a summit of Mount Olympus?

I am planning to make a solo traverse of the Olympic National Park in Greece, including a summit of Mount Olympus. I am a former soldier and team medic with considerable experience in the outdoors, ...
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Tahoma Creek suspension bridge history

One of my more memorable hiking experiences came on the Wonderland Trail in the summer of 1994. The trail is about 93 miles (150 kilometers) long. It's in the Mount Rainier State Park which is located ...
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Inflatable Snowshoes - how do they compare to the real thing?

I have recently seen that there seems to be a new outdoor gadget: inflatable snowshoes. Examples: from ABS from Yukon from SmallFoot there are others As an engineer I can't help but immediately ...
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What's the legality / etiquette with crossing private property in Ireland?

I was going for a run along a public (at least it looked public!) path alongside an old canal that I had discovered using Google Maps. However, about 3km into the path, just before where I expected it ...
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Can anyone recommend a compass that doesn't develop a bubble at high altitude?

I have three compasses and each developed bubbles at 4000m elevation (photo below). Even the nifty Suunto had a bubble on the first trip. The best was the Silva (on the right of the photo), which ...
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Can I camp in the protected areas Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur?

I am investigating the feasibility of a hike looping around Hofsjökull. The route takes me through the Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur protected areas. The regulations for Þjórsarver ...
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Are any canyons in the Sierra de Grazalema accessible without special canyoneering gear?

The book Sierra de Grazalema: Complete Guidebook to the Natural Park includes a chapter on canyons, describing two routes: one Garganta Verde and one through the Garganta de las Buitreras. Both ...
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What can I do when I or someone in my party falls through a floating mat?

Once, I had the opportunity to walk on a floating mat on a guided tour with a nature organisation in De Wieden (Dutch: trilveen). On the surface, it looked (to my amateur eye) exactly like other peat,...
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Why would a polar bear give away his kill?

I am reading Three Among the Wolves by Helen Thayer, who is best known for walking and skiing to the North Magnetic Pole accompanied only by her husky, Charlie. In a subsequent trip, she and her ...
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Nepali / India bioacoustics hiking

Has anyone recorded animal sounds while trekking the Annapurna trail (Nepal) or in Ladakh (India)? If so, where are the richest acoustic areas?
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How to identify a good location to catch Signal Crayfish near River Don

Would anyone know how to identify a good location to catch Cray Fish at the River Don? I live in Doncaster (UK) and so the River Don would be ideal to catch the American Signal Crayfish. Looking at ...
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What is this plant with leaves that have serrated edges, and white flowers, found in Malaysia?

I am visiting some relatives in Malaysia. They introduced me to this plant and talk about the health benefits of consuming this plant. I am trying to find out more about this plant, but they could ...
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How do I get to Måskåsj-gammen?

In 2013 I visited Nuortakrågge: Nuortakrågge is located at 67.8084°N, 16.6203°E, above Vuodnabahta, Norway. It is open and free to use. It is not listed on official maps but there is a small sign ...
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Plant Identification: Is this lemon balm?

It has the characteristics of lemon balm / mint, with square stems, but it doesn't have the lemon / mint smell. Also, its leaves seem to be more rounded, where lemon balm leaves have more of a pointed ...
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Can anyone help to identify this tree with strange green flower/fruit in North Georgia woods?

What tree is this? I am unable to identify it. It has a green spongy soft velvety flower/fruit at the end of branches. It is located in North Georgia woods in the USA. I don't believe it would be a ...

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