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I studied group theory for three years, obtaining an MSc, but not a DPhil.

I played go as 5 kyu in 1982, and resumed at about 6 or 7 kyu (now improving) in 2017.

I retired on 2017-07-25 as a programmer with ~40 years experience of technical applications for industry and government written in [ C | C# | C++ | Java | COBOL | Pascal | FORTRAN | RTL II | PDP-11 Assembler ] to run on [ VMS | AIX | MS Windows | Linux ] .

Most satisfying bike ride: with a friend from the dawn chorus in Oxford to the Blue Anchor Inn, Helston at closing time.

I am a native English speaker, fluent in Dutch and German and with a smattering of a few other European languages.

I am also to be found at Wikipedia and the (UK) Guardian .

I am an agnostic with a Christian upbringing now leaning towards atheism.

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