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  • Orlando, FL, United States

I am a:

  • Meteorologist (BS Univ Oklahoma, worked on Masters at Florida State)
  • Past teacher (ranging from youth to college)
  • Big believer in open source and improving information (active on OSM, Wikipedia, etc)
  • Major geography aficionado
  • Traveler (US, UK, Denmark, Europe)
  • Past storm chaser (after 5/31/13, have decided there are more important things, though still spot around central FL)
  • Past college intramural sports referee
  • Programmer (PHP, Perl, Python, C++, VB, Excel, Linux shells, etc)

And most importantly, a very passionate Christian. I wasn't the typical Christian. I didn't grow up in a religious family. I was an ardent atheist. But God was willing to show even a wretch like me at age 17. Sometimes the simplest answer, even as preposterous as it seems, will be the truth. Logic is beautiful. Many key on it for determining motivation behind actions. But the bigger question is why at all? And where once I didn't believe there was anything bigger to life, now I am certain there is. We just often don't want to see it, because we're too prideful of our own skills and minds, and too worried about what we'll lose.
Jesus Christ is Lord.
Seek ardently and you can and will find Him.

Many of my passions stem from that, whether it's answering questions in places like this, providing weather information (feel free to message me anytime for meteorological input), teaching, or just trying to make a difference.
To God alone belongs every glory!

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