I wrestled a bear once.

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My name is Gordie. I "know" a few languages but Javascript is where I spend most of my time. I'm a single dad, full time programmer, and run a small business on the side.

About Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a wonderful resource. I've learned a lot from the community here over the years and I like to give back and try to answer questions when I can - but, in my opinion the model is inherently flawed.

Moderation tools are assigned to users as they gain reputation points. The problem is, you can be an expert on some programming language and earn 20k or 100k rep, but that does not mean you will be a good moderator. For this reason, Stack Exchange is very inconsistent in quality. Depending on who is online when you ask a question it may be well received, or some opinionated high-rep user may unilaterally close it for any number of reasons. The day and time that you choose to ask a question is just as important as the question itself.

Thank you to those of you who have answered my questions and been helpful to the community, and thank you to the high-rep users who aren't here on a power trip. You da real mvp.

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