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Thanks to the efforts of my dad, K1DXB (SK) and the staff at Connecticut's Talcott Mountain Science Center (especially Shelly Glick, WA1IUO, and Bob Judd, WA1MMZ), I received my Novice class amateur license at the age of 10 years. This fascination with all things radio led to a degree in electrical engineering and a career in "engineering," mostly in semiconductors. I put "engineering" in quotes because I have practiced electrical, mechanical and materials engineering at various times. In my experience, success in engineering relies on asking the right questions and using every available resource to get the answers.

I credit DXing for my love of Geography with a capital "G" - learning about people and how they live around the world. I am currently engaged in a project that slashes the cost of HF transmitting equipment. We are lucky to be able to share our questions and insights on Stack Exchange - truly, the internet at its finest.

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