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Had to drink untreated water: Any immediate action to avoid getting sick?
3 votes

At the time, yes. Don't eat anything when you drink the water. This will reduce the likelihood and severity of food poisoning. The ingested water will have its pH rapidly reduced which will kill some ...

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How do you combat algae in a pond?
2 votes

It could be due to too much nutrients (fertiliser). In which case algaecides will not help. Check the watershed of the pond - where the water comes from. See what grazing animals live nearby. For ...

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Did any lighthouses provide directional navigation signals?
1 votes

Yes, this system is in use, on the coast of Victoria at least. I cannot get the maritime website to work on this device, there was a sweep (rotating light) and a flash. Both lights coincide when you ...

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How dangerous are kangaroos?
1 votes

Maloo is correct. I am Australian too. The only precaution we have in rural Victoria is stay away from: A lone kangaroo that does not move away, or approaches. if you find one, watch constantly and ...

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How much different was camping before “leave no trace” took hold?
0 votes

Not sure about '50's This ref is from 1969, Canadian Scouts magazine where an advertorial recommended the Bash, Burn and Bury technique. http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/dumpextras/othermags/Canadian%...

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