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How to deal with Serbian scorpions?
8 votes

If you ask the net, you'll find some Serbian Scorpions. But I hope you'll never find one of these in your tent. I was a few times in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and have never a Scorpion in my tent. ...

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One-sided overhand bend
6 votes

According to this source its name arose initially in the US where unfamiliarity bred distrust, and because the occasional disaster, likely with the Flat Figure 8 version, caused both knots to be ...

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Geocache inside of a pole
5 votes

What's the width of the hole? I'm thinking of a mounting system like a wall socket. Spread it aginst the inner surface. Then tie the cach on it. Or the very low cost variant: Just use a piece of wire ...

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Highest point of the Planneralm 3D course (Robin Hood land)
3 votes

With the information on the website and g00gle maps, I think the whole parcour should be between 1500m and max. 1600m.

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Toothpaste in the back-country and the principle of leave no trace
3 votes

Because Toothpaste is nothing else than some kind of polish, you could use precipitate chalk. Or just brush with water. For the fresh feeling just chew some spearmint leaves.

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Is it possible to buy gas cartridges on a Sunday in Reykjavik?
1 votes

On my last trip to Iceland I got the tip to look around at the air port for gas cartridges. Often people who are leaving drop their stuff there. Also hostels might be a good place to search for. The ...

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