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57 votes

How far would you need to fall for it to be fatal?

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Paramo vs Gore-Tex jackets?

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Using paddles to support a bug net

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Why would one choose to use a Harvey map rather than an Ordnance Survey map?

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To pack Vertical or Horizontal?

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One-sided overhand bend

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Is there a smartwatch/activity tracker lasting 20 days for a trek to Everest Base Camp?

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How stiff of a sole should I look for in hiking boots?

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Staying online while hiking

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Help troubleshooting bowline knots

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How can I clean teeth in the backcountry?

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Is it possible to make a slingshot from "Natural" resources?

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Is there a website that enables European flower identification without a photo or use of phone?

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Am I packing too much for a 2-3 day hike in the forests?