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What are some good games to play with children on hikes?
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17 votes

As a Scout Leader I deal with this quite often. Here are some activities that don't "distract" too much from being in the wild - hopefully they embrace it :) Singing (If you've got songs and like to ...

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What's a good, secure way to attach neodymium magnets to a geocache?
8 votes

I have heard from others (and seen in various caches) that a good glue is sufficient. I believe that two-part epoxy will be good enough, but I'm not 100% sure. It really depends on the plastic your ...

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When does a geocached area become "saturated"?
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7 votes

This is highly subjective, but I'll give it a shot. Let's take a site of local significance, like a statue or memorial. All in all, only one cache is "needed" to "cover" this area. More caches will ...

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