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Groups: What are proper occasions for a large, shared hole for waste?
6 votes

There are several aspects to take under consideration: Group holes are not a good practice because your deposits can't be buried too deep. The soil needs enough organic material to eliminate your ...

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Are there any exercises that will strengthen my back to prepare for a day hike?
4 votes

2 weeks is not alot of time to prepare. Try to do squats and rows. And box-step-ups with a load on your back (gradually increasing). My scheme looks like this: 3 times per week I do 5 sets of 5 reps ...

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How to safely mark a rope
-3 votes

Markers are never a good way to 'mark' your rope. Buy a rope that's already marked with another color. It's in any case better to do it old fashioned and find it using some rope techniques. We use ...

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