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What's wrong with swimming out far?
7 votes

A lot of these answers have talked about the specific risks involved in swimming. Here's a different angle: the danger of any activity is related to a) how risky it is (the other answers) and b) what ...

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Geocache inside of a pole
5 votes

A hook/eyelet toggle bolt could work, depending on the weight of the cache: If you unscrew the toggles and reverse them, the hook would be on the inside holding the string, and you would reach in ...

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How do you eat nettles?
3 votes

Like a lot of other people have said, cooking neutralises the sting, but blending them to a paste, in an oil or a pesto works too. The reason for this is that the sting is not just the acid ...

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How do I make people not be afraid of me and my dogs?
0 votes

I'd like to suggest a different approach than the majority which seem to suggest that dogs shouldn't ever get to go hiking without being leashed. To me, you need two components, and you'll be ...

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