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Knife as defense against stray dogs
9 votes

Some places I travel to have stray dogs in the city. Can a knife be used effectively if attacked by one or more of them? I've had creepy close encounters. Probably, but it's far from ideal. The ...

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Are elephants used in tourism in Thailand cracked and if yes why is it possible to take the infants away?
Accepted answer
8 votes

Yes, there are reports of this happening. A quote from Time: According to wildlife-advocacy group TRAFFIC, poachers in Burma, officially known as Myanmar, corral elephants into jungle pits, after ...

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How can I pack my food so it doesn't smell?
6 votes

Sous-vide bags. These are available globally but do require a sealing machine. Sealing machines come in different types but ones that take the open end of the bag, suck the air out and then apply a ...

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Footwear for one month in wet climate
2 votes

I'm quite fond of Gore-Tex shoes (example), this is a trademarked fabric that is used by a number of brands. Contrary to other answers, Gore-Tex shoes are to be closed, which has some benefits but ...

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