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Any tips to prevent theft while tent camping alone in a caravan park?
7 votes

Here are a couple of tips. Make it harder for them to steal anything, roll up your vehicle's windows and lock its doors. Make your stuff less attractive to thieves, cover valuables with a blanket and ...

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Knot to attach gear to a beam
Accepted answer
5 votes

I can think of multiple options for solving this problem. Tensionless Hitch i.e. wrap the rope around the beam enough times that it doesn't slip and unwrap to lower. Loop a sling over the beam, ...

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Training to Circumambulate Around Mount Kailash
4 votes

According to this webpage, the trail starts at 15,000 feet and includes a 18,000 ft pass. My recommendation would be to do some aerobic exercises, to prepare for the lower oxygen levels. I sure that ...

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What to do when a moose blocks the trail?
Accepted answer
14 votes

Having been around moose before, I would say that is would have been better to either stop and wait for the moose to leave or swing in a wide loop around the moose. In some areas like Grand Teton ...

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