My friends and I are traveling the North Country Trail in Michigan's Upper Peninsula this August. Even though odds are small, we could encounter a grizzly bear. This is something none of us have experience with, so as we prepare it is the top discussion of safety.

We understand that we should cook food more than 100yd's away from our sleeping area, and hang food in a bear canister (or bag)/anything else that may attract them via smell.

If we encounter a grizzly bear, what should we do? What if we are in a tent and hear a bear walk by (which I've heard is most common, because they are traveling to hikers' food, typically through a campsite)?

None of us are registered to carry a gun, so that isn't an option. For the sake of this website and the completeness of question for future users, the answerer could also provide an answer assuming we had a weapon.

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