I'm a beginning surfer, and I want a longboard.

  • How do I select one? How much should I pay?

  • What is good width and length, etc.?

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If you have never surfed before, avoid going for a really long one - they are very unweildy, can be difficult to get up to speed, and are a pain to carry back to the car when you are tired out :-)

As far as width goes - can you sit up comfortably on it? And can you fit it under your arm?

Islesurfboards in California have this chart, which is a pretty good starting point:

enter image description here

Their website also gives a lot of info on all aspects of surfing.

  • I bought a 9'2 surf tech k-star rapoza board. Really happy with it!
    – Antonvh
    Commented Aug 8, 2014 at 8:33

Additionally to longboards, you could investigate a mini-Malibu ("mini-mal") / mini-longboard shape, with lengths in the region of 7'x" - 8'x".

As a beginner you'll find such a board easier to control than a longboard, and thus less frustrating to use, although longboarders will out-pace you when paddling onto a wave.

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