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Are these prints in snow of a bobcat or cougar?

Are these footprints of a bobcat or cougar ? I apologize that there is no reference scale in the image, but the footprints measured about 3.5 or 4 inches in both dimensions. I found these while hiking ...
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Will bobcats climb cacti when not in fear of their lives?

There are pictures of bobcats climbing on top of really tall cacti, the one story I read says that the reason the bobcat climbed the tree was to get away from a mountian lion who was trying give it a ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is there scientific evidence of bobcats breeding with house cats?

I have seen some barn cats that were claimed to be the offspring of female barn cats and a male bobcat (they had bobbed tails). Wikipedia says that there is circumstantial and anecdotal evidence for ...
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How to tell the difference between bobcats and house cats?

Recently there was a story about some people in Texas who brought three bobcat kittens home and then called animal control after the bobcats bit them. It's also happened once in California where a ...
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