I'm new to alpine touring skiing, and I'd like to purchase some new (more comfortable) AT boots. I currently have frame-style bindings on my AT skis. I'd like an "upgrade path". Can I purchase and use tech-style boots in my current ski bindings and then (one day) buy new tech bindings and use the same boots?

Or, will I have to get new tech bindings at the same time I purchase new tech-style ("Dynafit") touring boots?

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The short answer is tech binding compatible boots will work fine with non-tech AT bindings in the vast majority of circumstances.

The more involved answer is (as always for safety gear) to check the specific manufacturer recommendations for a specific boot/binding combination. Here is a quote to support that:

MOST AT boots and alpine boots will work with MOST frame AT bindings (Marker, Salomon/Atomic, Tyrolia, Fritschi), but be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Boots with minimalist soles like the Dynafit TLT5, TLT6 and TLT7, Atomic Backland series, La Sportiva Stratos/Syborg, Arc'teryx Procline and Scarpa Alien series boots are compatible only with tech bindings.

While most alpine boots will work with most frame AT bindings don't use your AT boots in your alpine bindings. The rubber on the sole of the AT boot may cause your alpine binding to release at a higher and/or inconsistent DIN value.

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    Not only do AT soles influence normed release, they often don't fit at all into standard alpine bindings due to height issues - many (all?) AT frame bindings can be adjusted in height of the front piece.
    – imsodin
    Commented Dec 31, 2017 at 1:00

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