I am considering getting a Garmin InReach device (a device allowing two-way satellite communication via text messages) and I am trying to decipher the hidden costs of the subscription that comes along.

If I understand correctly how it works, the communication is possible by sending a message to a regular phone number, to an email, to another InReach device. In the case where I send an email to some friends or family members, I assume they can reply for free.

The subscription page lists the pricing for sending a different kinds of messages and receiving the weather forecast, but it never mentions a price for receiving messages, nor does the help section of the website.

When I use an InReach device, is there any cost when I receive a message, either for me or for the sender?


Incoming messages count against the limit of text messages.

Yes, any message sent back to your inReach device, including replies to preset messages, count against your monthly message allotment.


But it will not cost the person sending you a message.

  • My understanding as well. I’ll know more when my first bill comes in a bit...
    – Jon Custer
    Feb 1 '20 at 14:08

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