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A phone that uses orbiting satellite's for communication. Useful when in regions where traditional, earth bound/tower based, phone systems do not exist.

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How do I send a "test message" with a Garmin InReach Mini 2?

I have successfully done a device test on my Garmin InReach Mini 2, but my plan on Garmin Explore states I have sent 0 out of 5 test messages in my plan. How do I send one of those? I couldn't find ...
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Do Garmin satellite map devices allow me to feed them coordinates from a CSV or JSON file or similar?

I may buy a Garmin satellite map thing at some point. But if I do, it's an absolute requirement for me that it will allow me to feed it some sort of list of GPS coordinates with labels, such as ...
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Find a trail camera I put in a backcountry area far from reliable cell phone coverage

I want to put some trail cameras in a remote location in an area far from reliable cell phone coverage, and leave them there for several weeks to capture videos of wildlife. I wonder how I will be ...
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Do Garmin InReach plans include unlimited incoming messages?

I am considering getting a Garmin InReach device (a device allowing two-way satellite communication via text messages) and I am trying to decipher the hidden costs of the subscription that comes along....
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Why isn't carrying a satellite phone considered best practice for hiking/mountaineering in remote regions? [closed]

Every year we read stories about people getting lost in a forest or in the mountains, with no way of calling for help. Sometimes this is due to a lack of experience, sometimes due to accidents, ...
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Garmin inReach vs. overcast sky

Garmin says about inReach that to have a two-way satellite communication "you need to have a clear view of the sky". And what about cloud cover?.. Say it's winter and 100% overcast with angry ...
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Emergency Call Madagascar Satellite Phone [duplicate]

I will go to rural areas in Madagascar and have an Inmarsat satellite phone. Does anyone know which number I can dial with this phone in an emergency? I already know that 117 is the local emergency ...
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Dialing an emergency number in a foreign country using a satellite phone

I'm getting an Inmarsat phone for my time around San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to help me with emergencies. What number do I dial if I have an issue? I know 133 is the emergency number, but I don't ...
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Can you use an Iridium phone with a SIM but with no active plan to place an emergency call?

It seems that you can't use an Iridium handset to place an emergency call without a SIM card (which seems to be more a commercial than a technical issue). What I'm wondering is whether an "expired" ...
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Satellite phone payment plans for irregular use

I've been looking if there is an alternative to renting a satellite phone when it's to be used in absolute emergencies only. As far as my searches showed, most prepaid plans have very short ...
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PLB or satphone rental in the USA from National Forest offices or ranger stations?

I've read that in the United States, national forests, ranger offices, etc. often have some safety-related equipment for rent, such as bear canisters. Do they rent out Personal Locator Beacons, ...
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Is it practical to get a satellite phone for communication from remote areas?

When going into remote areas, it would be great to be able to communicate with the outside world, for emergency purposes or just to be able to call home on long trips. Is it practical for an average ...
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