I'm in doubt if I should attach tracers to my arrows. Of course, they make them better visible but I've heard rumors that they do influence the arrow (other than stated by the manufacturer).

Do they influence the arrow? And if yes, in which way?



Arrow tracers are meant to give you increased downrange visibility. They also double as an effective wind check! (We include this added benefit free of charge) With today's high speed bows and faster arrows seeing where your arrows go is an advantage. These bright colors will help you track your arrows in flight and if you ever miss your target will aid you in finding your lost arrow.

By Merlin Archery

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A tricky one this. Some people swear they do, others swear they don't. Personally I have never used them as I always feared they might throw off my shot. There is no definitive evidence that they will have an impact however.

I can tell you that, even with a tracer, it's damned hard to find an arrow in grass. We used to use a metal detector to find them. Even the wooden arrows have a metal head.

Edit: as for tracking in flight, even a spotter would have a hard task seeing an arrow mid flight before it hit the target.

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