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Questions only specific about the region that comes under Russia, and question related to Laws and Legalities, weather, seasons, etc (relating to any outdoor activity) shall be tagged under this tag.

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Fuel for a meths/alcohol stove (trangia) in Russia [duplicate]

I have heard on this forum and others the difficulty of finding a suitable fuel since meths is illegal or hard to find, so im trying to think of alternatives, i know Americans use HEET and i have used ...
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Finding fuel for a Trangia stove in Russia

For my Trangia stove, I usually use denatured alcohol / ethanol / methyl alcohol. Bringing methyl alcohol into Russia is apparently prohibited, and bringing ethanol is subject to a 22€/litre duty. I'...
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Trekking in Russia similar to Kungsleden

I've been walking the Kungsleden in the Sweden Lapland recently and I enjoyed it very much. I'd like to try again a similar trek but this time I'd love to go to either Kamchatka or South Siberia (near ...
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Peak time for autumn colours in Югыд ва/Yugyd Va (sub-polar Ural, Komi)

I would like to enjoy autumn in Yugyd Va National Park. In Northern Scandinavia, I have experienced that the peak autumn colours are approximately 25 August to 15 September in the Swedish and Finnish ...
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With what unit are river flow speeds indicated on the Genshtab Soviet military maps?

On the Genshtab (Генштаб) Soviet military maps, I can read that this ford through the stream Вертный has a stony bottom, a depth of at most 4 dm, and a width of 29 m (under typical circumstances)¹. ...
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How serious is bear safety in the sub-polar Ural / Komi Republic / Yugyd Va?

In Norway, Sweden, and Finland, there are resident bears, but they rarely go near people, nobody practices the kind of bear safety that is necessary in parts of North America, and this does not lead ...
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My car broke down in Siberia. What do I do now?

Some time ago, while driving on a snowy road, someone told me a kind of horror story. It involved a guy who was driving alone with an old car on an overland road in Siberia during winter, so the ...
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Does anybody know or know where to find the requirements for Russian ice axe tests?

As I bought an ice axe from Russia some 10-15 years ago and cannot remember their ratings, I just wondered if somebody knew (or knew where to find) descriptions of the Russian ice axe test ...
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Doing The Ice Run 2016. Any recommendation on how to survive Siberian Winter

I am doing a silly adventure : I'll be riding a russian made sidecar on the frozen surface of the baikal lake. Departure from Irkursk and circle on and ...
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Is backcountry hiking in northwestern Russia safe?

Is it safe to go backcountry hiking in the Tundra's of northwestern Russia, e.g. the Kola peninsula, such as the Khibin mountains? There is some heavy industry around there; can one safely go around, ...
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Is it legal to camp on private property in Russia?

In some places, like Scandinavia, you can camp pretty much anywhere you like as long as it's only for one night and you don't leave a mess. The freedom to roam, or everyman's right is the general ...
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