I see a lot of people on social media posting their first ascents. These people are usually professional climbers climbing new super hard routes and as a result their first ascents blow up on social media. But what if, hypothetically, I find an untouched boulder at make the first ascent of a V0 boulder. Where would I document this? If there isn't some central database, how will people know if they actually made the first ascent of something?

A quick google search for first ascent documentation turned up fruitless.


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In the United States, a lot of climbers use www.mountainproject.com (MP) to document outdoor climbs and first ascents. If you discover a new boulder problem or bolt a new route, you could submit it here and enter any first ascent (FA) information. See example below:

screenshot of mountainproject.com

Some climbs had first ascents way before MP came about, so there are discussion boards for each climb where people exchange information (either first-hand or second-hand) about who may have been the first person to climb or bolt a route. This information can then be added to this particular climbing route.

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    This is country dependant. In UK most people log it on ukclimbing.com/logbook
    – user2766
    Jun 23, 2016 at 15:14

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