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Questions tagged [photography]

For questions about the process of taking photographs outdoors.

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What baby fish is this? (UK)

What fish is this? I found them in England, near Portsmouth, south of Hayling island on the breathtakingly stunning sand flats out to sea :)
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What features should I look for in a trail camera?

Trail cameras are motioned achieved cameras that are used to capture pictures of wild animals in the outdoors. The idea is that you can set it up in a place where animals are like to be such as a ...
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49 votes
8 answers

When should I avoid geotagging?

I did not use to think of geotagging photos as a leave-no-trace issue. In fact, one slogan says leave only footprints, take only photos. Yet the Leave No Trace Social Media Guidance states: Tag ...
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When filming wild animals with a drone, how far away does the drone need to be?

There is a video of a cub trying to follow the mother bear up a steep snowbank and then rolling back down at first. People are saying that it's a cute video but that the drone that filmed it got too ...
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What features of a trail camera make it easier for photographing animals than other cameras?

In this answer to a question I asked about how to photograph moose without scaring them, one of the possible suggestions was a "trail camera." What exactly is a trail camera? How does it differ in ...
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How can we be the most respectful to a moose when photographing it up close?

We've often heard that moose are most active in the early morning or late in the day, around dusk, and are usually near a natural water source. Every year, we travel a few hours away to areas that ...
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How can I photograph a kingfisher in the United Kingdom?

I want to take some photographs of Kingfishers in the United Kingdom. How do I find them, get close to them, etc? Image Source
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