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Fellas.. I also read DFW’s article and figured out where to go by looking at this map. All that’s needed is to get the proper permissions if land is private


This is only my current understanding, I’ve never practiced this : Fur and pelt are controlled due to poaching and traffic, therefore a method to differentiate legally hunted pelt of certain animals (bear, ...) from illegal poaching originating ones. The process is to present your pelt after the hunt and there a state agent is going to apply a tag (the seal) ...


How long do you have to process a turkey after shooting it (hunting)? Once you killed a turkey, it should be field dressed as soon as possible. The rest could be done when you get home (plucking the feathers in hot water or even dry plucking). Let’s say your hunt was a success. Your turkey is down. Congratulations! Now, once the excitement dies down and ...

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