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Duct tape a loop of twine or a shoe lace to the visible face of the canister. Then pull the canister out.


Put a few drops of oil into the mug where it meets the canister. If the oil can seep past there, into the mug, add as much oil as possible. See whether you can twist the canister out. If not: Chill the whole assembly. Get tools to handle the mug and canister. Heat the mug in very hot water, and pry it out. Twist as you pry.


As the comments could be removed at some point I'll transform @Bob1's comment into an answer: This page here essentially explains step-by-step how to solve your problem - they also talk about a Marmot Limelight tent, and also have the issue that one of the transparent 'windows' came loose. --> MARMOT TENT – REPAIRING POLYURETHANE WINDOWS To summarize (in ...


I did several (short) winter hikes below zero degrees Celcius (freezing point) while having only a plastic cover and sleeping bag. I always took of my clothes, especially jacket (since it was slightly wet due to snow), and put ALL clothes inside the sleeping bag but not wearing it. Because of your body heat the sleeping bag will get warmer and it will dry ...


Swiss Alpine Club (SAC-CAS) has a colletion of guide books however only few are available in English. SAC also has Tour Portal available in English with almost 1800 tours categorized by type (hiking, climbing, ski touring, via ferrata) and difficulty. I personally find it to be the best resource about trails and tours in Switzerland.


Soak the mug in a sink of hot water to warm it up quickly. Be prepared to pry the gas cartridge out quickly, perhaps using small screwdrivers or needle nose pliers. The thermal mass of the gas in the cartridge will help slow it heating. Some shaking may help. Then, don’t do that again;)!


It depends on the kind of camping you want to do. The easiest type of camping to find is camping at a campground. Usually this involves paying a nightly fee (often around $20-30 per night) for a numbered, designated campsite. Usually the campsite comes with a fire pit and/or grill, a picnic table, a parking spot, and space to pitch a tent. Most campgrounds ...


There are no places in the US that meet your two criteria. Gathering firewood is banded in most campgrounds. As seen in the related post, you can gather firewood in some very secluded locations, which will mostly exclude beach access. Dispersed camping allowing gathered wood fires within 5 hours of San Francisco? Also you will need a fishing license to ...

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