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How high need a concrete wall to be so bears can't climb it

This already got an accepted answer, and I can see that OP has decided to build a metal bar fence around their property. But for future reference I'd like to state that an electric fence is clearly ...
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How high need a concrete wall to be so bears can't climb it

I was thinking about a metal fence of bars, of 80x40x3 mm (cross-section), around 3 meters high and at least 1 meter in the ground (enclosed in a concrete/stonewall foundation), and about 20 cm apart (...
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Help with "car camping"

As a tall person, I've thought about this only for really long cars. I currently have a van converted to a camper, but I'm slowly planning its smaller replacement. Consider the surfaces you've camped ...
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Can a nylon tent flysheet which is delaminating be repaired?

Yes, a nylon tent flysheet that is delaminating can be repaired. One common method is to use a specialized tent seam sealer or adhesive designed for outdoor gear, as you'll see on my website. Clean ...
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