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never harvest chaga from a dead tree, found the same fungus you have there trying to track down what it is , did you find the name


It depends on you are waiting for it. If you maybe will need to cut a few branches down, it's better to use hatcher. It's smaller than an axe, but the axe is powerful, you can easily cut down lots of small trees and big branches. Just think what is the aim of taking it and you will make a good choice.


What you have there is almost certainly a variety of Chameacyparis lawsoniana. These trees are characterized by the flattened scale-like leaves in a fairly dense branching cluster. Wate's golden pine is a Pinus species, all of which have needles for leaves, like you might see on a classic christmas tree. As to which variety it is - there are lots of them, ...


Former botanist here. It is not uncommon for this sort of behaviour to happen in the botanical world. There are many forms of this sort of thing, the most commonly seen one is coppicing. Coppicing is often done by people, but it also occurs naturally. In the natural case, an old tree (or a young one) falls over and each branch starts to grow upwards, putting ...

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