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Is it possible to walk from the UK/France to Georgia?

Since you're asking how to get from the UK to somewhere, I'll assume you're an UK citizen. Below you'll find a picture that shows your visa requirements. You have two options: coming from above (...
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Staying safe from hunters while hiking in France

TL;DR Know the season Know when and where hunting is allowed Know the time hunters are most active Make some noise Most important: wear the right colours Answer Good question! Staying safe from ...
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Is it possible to walk from the UK/France to Georgia?

For the sake of completeness I would like to add that flying might actually be the cheapest option for you. While it sounds like an amazing adventure, walking takes a lot of time, and you still need ...
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What are the risks when encounter a wild animal when camping?

There's always going to be some risk being out wild camping with animals around but I have found that 99% of the time you will be fine! I've had everything from wild boar to hedgehogs and hedgehogs ...
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Hiking in SE France

I agree that the sources on the internet for the GRs (grandes randonnées, the main long-distance trails in France) are a bit old-fashioned, and not ideal for finding routes. However here are some ...
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Hiking in France in August - Grenoble

August is high season so the huts will be very full, particularly at weekends. It's best to book well in advance. If you stick to the more popular marked hiking trails you are unlikely to experience ...
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Bouldering in Font

Have fun in bleau, if it's your first time, be prepared to take a beating ;) Thats perfectly normal. I don't know how the ratings are in the UK but our general rule of thumb was: Take your usual ...
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Mosquito free areas closest to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France?

Iceland Not the answer you wanted of course, but there are very few places in the world where you don't find mosquitoes and the others are considerably further away. New Caledonia, French Polynesia, ...
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Is the gas canister standard common in France incompatible with EAN417?

CampingGaz cartridges are incompatible with threaded cartridges, as the former use a kind of snap-on valve mechanism and don't have threads. Because of this, you can't use CampingGaz cartridges with ...
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Hiking in France in August - Grenoble

This is all information you can get from a plethora of online sources, but from a quick 2 minutes I found this: for Grenoble, a 20cm snowfall is a high average. Temperature change between day and ...
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Where are some small, pleasant, natural walk-in campgrounds in France?

Having camped in France for the last 5 years and have been returning the same place, Camping Municpal at Cap-de-l'Homy, I suggest you have a look at the Office National des Forets (ONF) Camping ...
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